Student Consultants

Ahmed Al-maidama (2nd year, CoM) is a second-year medical student, and he is also doing his B.Sc. (Hons) in computer science. Ahmed is interested in anatomy, physiology, and mathematics. The MoE awarded Ahmed the medal of initiators in recognition of his initiatives in multiple schools. Ahmed is very passionate about teaching and education.

Eisa Jokhdar (2nd year, CoE) is a second-year software engineering student at Alfaisal University, and he’s always trying to attack life from a different angle. He believes that being able to look at things from another perspective is an essential life skill. “If life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, ‘What?’” -Phil Dunphy.

Alanoud Alsubaihy (2nd year, CoB) is a second year business student at Alfaisal University. She is currently pursuing a business administration degree with a concentration in project management. Alanoud hopes to take on more leadership roles and to grow both personally and professionally.

Felwa AlArwan (4th year, CoE) is a senior Mechanical Engineering student. She has always been passionate about education and believes in the importance of knowledge transfer. She used to be hesitant about asking for help, until she realised that people are always ready to lend a hand with an open heart. Alfaisal University has given her so much and tutoring its students in one of her favorite subjects, mathematics, is one way she gives back.

Nourah Alhabib (2nd year, CoB) is a second year business student at Alfaisal. She is currently studying to earn her bachelor’s degree in business, majoring in operations and project management. Nourah hopes to one day own a business and inspire others in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Ziad Ibrahim (3rd year, CoE) is a third year mechanical engineering student. He is interested in basketball and table tennis. “I don’t know how I’m going to win; I just know I’m not going to lose” is a quote that he deeply believes in, as it motivates him to aspire to greatness.

Jamileh Afaneh (4th year, CoE) is a senior Architectural engineering student at Alfaisal University. She’s interested in physics and math. Jamileh is looking forward to meeting students and helping them out.

Taslim Melliti (4th year, CoSGS) is a senior life science student at Alfaisal University planning to pursue her education in chemical sciences. She is very passionate about chemistry and is more than happy to teach and help students with any problems they are facing. She encourages students to ask any question as there are no stupid questions.  

Zaid Yaseen (4th year, CoE) is a senior Mechanical Engineering student. He is a strong believer that persistence is the key to success. "It's not that I am so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." - Albert Einstein.

Nada Salaas (4th year, CoP) is a 4th year PharmD student who strongly believes that hard work beats talent and that success is not about never making mistakes--it is more about not quitting. Asking for help is part of doing the work and she’ll be glad to support you regarding your academic concerns. She looks forward to meeting you.

Faaezuddin Syed (4th year, CoM) is a 4th year medical student at Alfaisal university. Through the years in medicine, he has been an active member in peer learning and teaching. He believes a student can understand and acquire more if taught by another student. A student tutor can make the concept simplified, explain in a unique way and focus on the essentials.

Hamna Abdul Muthalib (4th year, CoM) is a 4th year medical student at Alfaisal University. She believes that life is an endless journey of learning and has a passion for teaching. After struggling during her initial years with university life and then being blessed with a good support system, she understands the importance of having a helping hand. She is keen to offer the same support and to help students fast track into their own lives at university.

Fares Al Wattar (4th year, CoE) is a senior Industrial Engineering student at Alfaisal. He has always been passionate about math and physics and he is excited to become a full-fledged Industrial Engineer. His hobbies include playing basketball, watching movies, and reading. He is very excited to offer what he can to the Alfaisal student body.

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