Student Consultants





UPP Biochemistry | MOL114 | MOL125

Faaezuddin Syed, Tehreemah Raziq, Hamna Abdul Muthalib, Nada Salass, Tala Abdulqader 


BEP235 | EBM354

Tehreemah Raziq, Shaima Proma


UPP Chem | Organic Chem

Abeer Khan, Firdaws Melliti, Shaima Proma

CoM Courses

CoM block subjects – pathology, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, etc. | CoM parallel courses

Faaezuddin Syed, Hamna Abdul Muthalib, Hirdah Rana, Shaima Proma, Tala Abedalqader


Micro/Macro Economics

Alanoud Alsubaihy


PENG 4-8 | ENG101 | ENG102 | ENG112 | ENG113

Abdullah Binfadliyah, Abeer Khan, Alanoud Alsubaihy, Tehreemah Raziq, Hirdah Alsubaihy


GER101 | GER112

Feham Zada

Human Structure and Function 

PHSF101 | PHSF112

Faaezuddin Syed, Tehreemah Raziq, Hamna Abdul Muthalib, Hirdah Rana, Shaima Proma, Tala Abedalqader


UPP Math | Calc I | Calc II | Linear Algebra | 1st-2nd year Math

Abdullah Binfadliyah, Abeer Khan, Jamilah Afaneh, Nahar Abanumay


UPP Physics | Physics I | Physics II

Abdullah Binfadliyah, Jamilah Afaneh, Nahar Abanumay

Software Engineering

SE courses

Abdullah Binfadliyah, Nahar Abanumay

Student Consultants Spring 2022







Abdullah Binfadliyah

Abdullah Binfadliyah is a 2nd year software engineering student. He is passionate about helping students and supports several subjects, including English, Math, Physics, and SE courses. In his leisure time, he enjoys reading, watching movies, and going out with friends. 

English | Math | Physics | SE Courses | Calculus I | Calculus II

Abeer Khan

Abeer Khan is a junior mechanical engineering student, who strongly believes in effort. She believes that putting in the right amount of effort and being consistent will always pay off in the end. She also encourages students to always ask questions and to speak their mind. She wants to be the student consultant that's always willing to give a helping hand.

English | Higher Math | Chemistry

Alanoud Alsubaihy

Alanoud Alsubaihy is a junior business administration undergraduate majoring in finance and operations & project management. She has been with the ASC since the start and through it has met amazing individuals that are not afraid to ask for help. With the help of the ASC, she has given numerous workshops on her study habits, economics, and many more.

English (all years) | Economics (micro and macro) | Accounting | Finance | Statistics (only COB). 

Faaezuddin Syed

Faaezuddin Syed is a senior medical student enrolled at Alfaisal University, ‎Riyadh, ‎Saudi Arabia. His passion to be a mediator in eliminating patients’ ailment and ‎‎abating their agony has made him strive towards excellence in medical school. He ‎has ‎made substantial contributions to the university as an academic success ‎‎consultant, taken up leadership roles, and served as an active member in multiple ‎student ‎associations. He believes in refining his core medical knowledge through the ‎integration ‎and application of research and analysis. To pursue his ‎forthcoming medical ‎career as a postgraduate, he aims to seek his clinical ‎residency in the United States in the field of ‎Internal Medicine, followed by ‎specialized training in Cardiology. He has profound ‎interest in photography, sports, ‎and traveling. ‎

CoM Courses (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and pathology for all medical years)

Tehreemah Raziq

Tehreemah Raziq is a second-year medical student/consultant who is friendly and easy to talk to. She loves reading, writing and poetry. Tehreemah has helped clarify doubts for her high school classmates and at present she is happy to be of assistance to anyone who reaches out to her. She is honoured to be able to give back to the student community at Alfaisal.

UPP Biochemistry | HSF | English | Biostatistics (BEP; 2nd year med)

Feham Peer Zada

Feham Peer Zada is a second-year medical student. Feham was born and grew up in Germany and hence helps out students in Ger101 and 112 courses. She is interested in anatomy and physiology alongside learning new languages.

German (all years)

Firdaws Melliti

Firdaws Melliti is 3rd year Life Science student who is passionate about sciences and research. She believes that the best way of learning is through asking questions and seeking answers.

Organic Chemistry- 2nd year Life Science | General Biology-1st year Life Science

Hamna Abdul Muthalib

Hamna Abdul Muthalib is currently a 5th year medical student who is passionate about teaching. She has always been deeply interested to help her fellow juniors as she is ever grateful for all the help she received during her student life that made med school easy for her. She not only helps with the academic lectures but also helps students to improve study techniques and creating schedules as well. She joined the ASC in the spring of 2021 when she realized it was an easy portal to ask and offer help for the students that needed it most. Outside of her university life she loves to travel, play basketball, and gather with her friends and family.

CoM Courses

Hirdah Rana

Hirdah is a 5th year Medical student. She has always been passionate about giving back and understands how difficult it may be to ask for help. She hopes to be someone approachable that can teach her students as though she is teaching a friend! She is very passionate about teaching English as well as HSF and all College of Medicine courses and hopes to be a helpful part of everyone’s journey! 

English | HSF | CoM Courses

Jamila Afaneh

Jamila Afaneh is an Architectural engineering student at Alfaisal University. She’s interested in physics and math. Jamila is passionate about education and she’s very excited to meet students and help them out.

UPP Physics | COE Physics | Math

Nada Naser Salaas

Nada Salaas is a 5th year PharmD student. She strongly believes that hard work beats talent and that success is not about not making mistakes, it is more about not quitting. Asking for help is part of doing the work, and she’ll be glad to support you regarding your academic concerns. She looks forward to meeting you. 

UPP Biochemistry | All PharmD courses | Pharmacology

Nadine Ashraf Osman

Hey there! This is Nadine Ashraf, and I am a fourth-year medical student. One thing about me is that I have been really passionate about writing ever since middle school and as a fellow student here at Alfaisal, I am glad to be given the chance to help with something I have grown very fond of. We all have the potential to become professional English speakers and writers once we are given the chance to enhance and grow this ability of ours. I am here to provide for you the support and tools you need to become independent in English Inshaa Allah!

Research Methodologies (REC503) | English

Nahar Abanumay

Nahar Abanumay is a junior Software Engineering student. He has, through time and experience, found out that the best way to fully test one’s understanding of a subject is if they can make someone else understand it. After being a teaching assistant at Alfaisal for a year, he found that he could be of great benefit at the Academic Success Center, where students can tackle problems at their own pace.

English 1 and 2 | Physics 1 and 2 (as well as med students physics) | All math subjects except for calculus 3 and differential equations | All SE courses up to 3rd year courses.

Shaima Sadeq Proma

Shaima Sadeq is a 5th year medical student. Shaima is interested in physiology, pharmacology, and chemistry. She enjoys the experience of teaching and believes it is the best way to drill a concept into your brain for the long run.

Chemistry (UPP COM/COE) | HSF (UPP) | COM blocks (year 1-5) | Biostatistics 

Tala Abedalqader

Tala Abedalqader is a medical student, currently completing her internship year in different hospitals around Riyadh. She is excited about helping other students to the best of her abilities and helping them achieve their full potential. 

Biochemistry (all years) | UPP Chemistry | HSF | CoM Courses (pathology, physiology, biochemistry for all medical students)

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